Can someone explain a girl I'm seeing behaviour?

Okay, so first off I've been dating this girl I met online and we have been dating for about a month and a bit. Everything has been great so far, she told me about a 2 and a half weeks ago ago she wanted to take thing's slow, so I've respected this and I will seriously wait for her to be ready for a relationship, we see eachother every week basically, but only on weekends because of my job and her university, we talk everyday but not full blown conversations, our texting usually peaks the day after we've been with eachother because of how good we feel after it, we miss eachother instantly. I mentioned the relationship to her and told her that I really don't know when to ask you to be my girlfriend (she is very open about everything and so am I) and she said that ill know when to. In the last couple days she's been taking a while to reply while being active on facebook, I f***ing hate social media for making society like this. I asked her if she is still interested in me and she rang me confused. She told me that she doesn't need to talk to me everyday because she already knows that I'm loyal to her and vice versa? Told me to stop overthinking because she barely goes on her phone, but I always see her active on fb tagging friends in stuff etc, can anyone help explain this, am I being crazy? She said she wouldn't ever hurt me but now I'm starting to overthink a lot that I'm being lead on?


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  • This may be wrong and I may not know much about the whole dating thing since i'm young.

    You guys have been dating and always talk to each other whenever you're free. But sometimes, you want to take a break and do your own things. You can't expect her to text you, call you, hang out with you whenever she has a free time. Its really bothersome if im dating someone online and whenever im free i have to spend all my time with him.
    Give her some time for herself. If thats not the case then.. i dont know why she would do that.


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