Does eye contact mean attractive?

ok I'm in college & I see one of the most beautiful girls ever. I absolutely love girls with pretty eyes that's what draws me in it's like a trap into an abyss of love. So anyways we lock eyes but keep looking away or so I think. I didn't say anything to her because I'm chicken shit shy ☺️, so days later I see her in the cafeteria there was a little conversation about food nothing major but it gave me butterflies man. After that I see her in my head before I sleep. I've seen her like three times in the cafe and it's like she's looking at me but I don't know if I'm thinking about it too much because she might not even think I look good. But I just came from the CPU lab she was there and sometimes it felt like she was looking at me but when I looked I saw nothing. & a guy came in sat right next to her but she didn't position her body towards him. It felt like she wanted me to say something but she's never a lone there's always some kind of eye contact I think but I could be overthinking. Other than gaining confidence to speak I don't know what I should do like how do I even know she's interested in me man


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  • Ask her to lunch or coffee or whatever. If you don't soon enough you will graduate and never see her again and you will always be wondering. Even if she says no, it's better than not knowing.

    • Yeah your most definitely right because there is a Starbucks on campus but I don't even like coffe lol

      Does asking a girl out for coffe even work?

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  • No. That does not necessarily mean that you're attractive to them. People stare at each other for a shit-load of reasons. I never assume that someone is into me even if they stare at me a lot.

    • Yeah I don't really believe that either but we made a lot of eye contact so that's what I assumed. But I'm such a punk I didn't go up to her and say anything. It felt like she wasn't trying to throw to many signs because she wanted to see if I was interested and I am😂😂 but I don't know what to do maybe I'll ask her out for coffee.

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