He says "I'm falling for you", what does he mean?

So, I met this guy online and we've been talking with each other daily for about a month now. About a week ago, I asked him what are we? Because we text like a couple would text each other, but we don't label ourselves as is. We just say, we're friends. And he compared us to Romeo and Juliet's romantic love, saying that we text alike, however we do not meet. After getting that responce, we both confessed to each other that we like each other more than just friends.. but the issue is.. I don't do long distance dating and neither does he. That upcoming weekend, he went behind my back and had sex with a friend whom lives near by him, I found out via a mutual friend who is friends with the girl he had sex with and friends with me (online). *Note that he also told that friend of his whom he had sex with to not tell me anything. I called him and confronted him about the issue and he later apologized saying it was fucked up and shit. I told him I need a break from him to gather my thoughts and I rather just act like we're friends than a couple. I came back two days later, we called and he said to me.. "I can't do this" and I asked him what? He then said, "I love you" and this isn't the first time he's told me that either. I ignored it and changed the subject, bc after what he did.. about having sex with his friend, hurt me. So I blocked my emotions and acted like it has no affect on me whatsoever. As he was falling asleep, in our call he said to me, "I love you, you're gorgeous and beautiful" and I changed the subject again. Then he says, "I'm falling for you" and I simply say, "you should fall asleep first, before you fall for me".

My best friend told me to block him the moment, I found out that he basically "cheated" on me behind my back.. even though we weren't in a relationship from the start. Yet.. he did treat me like I was his girlfriend.

Should I give him a chance to prove his self-worth to me? Or simply see him as a friend and nothing more?


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  • Personally I'm saying it's not gonna work since neither of y'all are used to ling distance and he really isn't to be trusted. He is probably just trying to make you think he really loves you

    • I think so too, which is why my feelings for him are blocked. Yet he tells me "I rarely tell people ily"

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  • Such a long story. You aren't even together


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