What's wrong with all of the women these days?

Okay now that I have you're attention with my click bait title, we should all understand that I don't mean all women and my issues come more from the actions and values of certain individuals. My somewhat of a hypothetical question is if you are sexually attracted to a guy that you have made no effort whatsoever to show that you are interested, or if you have you still expect the guy to ask you out. If he doesn't you get not just frustrated you may even put the blame onto the guy for not making a move.
Here is my end to this question, we live in a generation were this doesn't matter anymore. Why is this still expected from men? Men have a bad reputation for being called creeps when taking a chance, so fewer men will ask. So why aren't some women asking guys out? I see it all the time, "why didn't he ask me out?"
Why aren't you asking him out?


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  • I always answer those questions with "why don't you ask him out". It's a simple solution to half the questions asked on here. I know more girls than guys that have asked guys out (including myself) I don't see the problem with it at all.

    • SEE! THANK YOU! I'm grateful for you and your values. It's nice to see it.

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