Can a girl stay in relationship without having sex? And is it weird for me to not wanting to have sex until I grow feeling for her?

I went on a date yesterday and the girl I was with said she would like to have sex three times a day n if not then once a day... and I am not that much into having sex until and unless I have genuine feelings for her... I rather have sex with someone I love instead of fucking every girl I date... I'm more into respecting my partner more then loving her... so is that OK?


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  • I can stay. Sex isn't very important to me and I am not in a relationship to just have 'fun'. I value and respect what my beloved says.

    • yes well am the same way I rather have more of emotional attachment then sexual... but guess it's hard to even get that with girls jst as hard it is to get with guys...

    • Yes, most people are avoiding something serious.

  • well most girls are dogs today. they have balls and act like dudes do i suggest you look for a lady.

    • well I always had my own taste in girls being hot n sexy and attractive yes but I jst look beyond that... guess ur right I need to look for a lady but that's kinda like really scares now a days since most girls jst want to change into smth they are not all cause they wanna attract guys attention...

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    • ya true... thanks ^^

    • You're welcome

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