Would it be too invasive to send a text message to a guy going through a family emergency?

His family flew in and his mom is going through surgery. He's been texting me everyday despite it.
And he's the one that initiates it.

Ehat are some good messages to send him?
Or should I leave it alone until he contacts me?
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  • To the contrary, if he's been investing that much effort in you, a welcoming message from you would probably mean a lot to him.
    I'd just send him something short like 'thinking about you and hoping things are going well.' It isn't invasive, it communicates your feelings, and doesn't demand an immediate response (in case he doesn't have time to reply right away).

    • Even if we haven't gone on our first date yet? That seems a bit too personable? We are supposed to go soon but he has to deal with this first.

    • Well, you know your situation better than I do, so I'd go with your own intuition. I certainly wouldn't be afraid to reach out to him though. Good luck!

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  • ask him how his mom is doing
    tell him to send her your regards (even if you don't know her)
    offer to help if needed
    ask to join him if he feels like talking to someone

  • He may appreciate your caring.

    • Should I text him

      Hope everything's going good!


      hope you're having a nice day today

      Be better?

    • Something like your in my thoughts I hope your OK if you need me feel free to contact me.

  • text him and ask how he is and make sure he knows that your there for him

  • it might help just to say something like hope everything's going ok, but, don't start a conversation, unless he does. you'll notice if he tries to

    • Would,

      Hope you have a nice day today

      Be acceptable?

    • yeah, cause it lets him know you're thinking of him

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