Guy with no dating experience looking for advice. Help?

Hello, so, as the title says I'm looking for advice, because I got no experience at all on these things.. I will try to explain my situation as good as I can.

So, I got matched with a girl on Tinder and we have been texting for a while now, almost a year. At some point I asked her if she would ever be a friend to a guy who is boring and who has a social phobia (yes, I'm struggling with social anxiety). She replied that she had experience with a shy guy and told me that in the end it turned all good. After a few more messages in exchange, she told me exactly following - "We need to talk about all this, I will text you tommorow about this, I got an event. (she meant it with some concert, I'm not sure)". The worst thing about this is that it's been around 5 months and she haven't even texted me once as she promised to do so. My question wasn't even an invite to a date, just a simple question to make things clear for me. I'm kinda lost at the moment, because I like her. She has mentioned that she doesn't like doing a lot of long texting, so I had to ask this. I have respected this fact and been not too needy (meant that with over-texting). Sometimes after a month of silence I finally text her and she answers. I have been thinking about texting her for a while. Maybe she got matched with some other guy and may not be interested in me anymore and just blown me off?

What should I do? Should I text her at some point or just let it go by the waves of sea?

Thank you for reading this, would appreciate any help. :P
Today I finally texted her. Here's the conversation.
M: Hey, how have you been in the meantime?
S: Very good, and you?
M: Could say that good.
S: Then everything is fine, I'm happy to hear it.
M: Not quite everything is like that.

After that she didn't respond anything, I feel a bit confused about if I should continue this conversation, maybe I should try to ask her about this almost half a year of ignorance, but I don't think it's a good idea..


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  • if she ignored you for five months looks like a lost cause to me. i don't believe in long distance relationships

    • It happened before, but only once. Same thing, she promised that she will text later, but never did. After 3 or 4 days I texted this to her- "In the end you didn't text me" and she just said - "Sorry". I know that she might be busy or just girls never do it first.. And there's no long distance if you mean it literally, we live 43-50 miles apart, that's nothing.

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    • of course she does so other guys see her as popular

    • "Of course" :)) ..

  • yeah she's blowing you off

    • It's time to blow myself up then :D

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  • Start from here:

    I am sociophobic too, but the obverse of boring as soon as I get in an 1-and-1 situation, only larger groups are a problem for me.
    Anyway, never tell a woman you're shy, embarrassed, anything non-confident, no matter if true or not.


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