She said maybe?

I am in medical school, and I like to sit in a particular spot in our university. Long story short first year medical student saw the spot I sat commented on it, and started talking to me. Sometimes she sits beside me prior to her lab and talks to me. She once skipped her anatomy lab day to sit with me, and talk. When she sees me she gets excited, and keeps waving until I wave back at her.

Anyways I added her on Facebook, and about a month later we were talking and she told me she broke up with her boyfriend like 2-3 weeks ago. What was weird though was the fact that it said she was SINGLE on her profile for 2 months (ever since I met her). My friend said she told me this to let me know she is single. So today I said I needed a break from school and she's welcome to come with me hiking for the afternoon this weekend. She said "maybe." I told her to message me on Facebook when she decides, and I don't know what to expect.

I was always told when a woman says: "maybe" it means no, and the rule has usually followed. Thoughts?


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  • I don't think maybe means no all the time. Sometimes it does if she didn't express interest prior, but since she has, then she probably said maybe for a legit reason.

  • She might be trying to make you chase her. She might want you to ask her again to see if you're really looking forward to her going,

    • what should I do then?

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