Will I ever find love?

I'm 19.. and I love to country dance. Will I meet someone out there? That's a HUGE thing for me. I feel like men don't notice me, but I really love to dance. I have tried to online dating... but yeah didn't go good at all. Will I eventually find someone at the country dance?


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  • Love is not found, it's understood -- and it then it finds you. You can look for love, and find relationships, some may even last or be great.. but to find a loving relationship, one needs patience, acceptence and understanding the nature of love.

    For instance, you like to (country) dance, if you pursue this passion of yours, then you will eventually meet people on this same path as yours. Love is illusory, it cannot be forced, it has to be understood. We cannot tell you if you will or won't, because the future is mute, only you can tell, when and if you deserve love. :)


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  • You will. Is folk dancing the same as country dancing?

    • It's more like square dancing, so yes.

    • No idea what square dancing is either. It was a good laugh whatever I did. I would definitely invest time in whatever interests a girl has, if she wants. (Country dancing for example) Never know you might end up really enjoying it :)

  • Do you have a picture of yourself? I have that exact same problem. What is wrong with us?

  • You might and you might not. Life is unpredictable. Just try to enjoy what you already have. :)

  • Probably not

  • everyone finds love eventually :)
    you just have to wait , i'm sure god has something good for you

  • Don't guys hit on you at the dance club?

    • No, I'm a bit overweight. But I'm working on losing some. If I did, I'd build confidence.

    • Time to upgrade from square dancing, (light aerobics) to running, (Full on maximum energy usage.

      No but, if you're only a little overweight, then you should still be pretty, and attractive. You're 19, so you must look cute. Post a pic.

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