This guy doesn't want to see me outside of work?

I've been seeing a guy whom i met at work (big company). And he's taken me out to lunch three times now. He has initiated all of this.
But doesn't seem to want to see me outside of work hours? Why?
I've asked him if he wanted to come over to mine a few times but he always declined because he said he's busy with schoolwork (he's still in college) or one time he said he was sick.

He will text me daily or almost every day and on our lunch dates he makes sure to compliment me, "I just want to say, you look gorgeous today." He has admitted he really likes me.
But has not tried to kiss me.
I'm not sure how to procede. He doesn't seem nervous around me.
What should I do?


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  • if you're sure he's not married or lives with someone, you should probably tag along and see where it leads within a certain time line. beyond that, I would just ask him to define what's happening between you too.


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  • He probably has a girlfriend or wife that takes up all his time and he doesn't want you to know about her - either that or he has a child he is hiding from you.


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