Im really lost and confused. any advice?

my ex boyfriend and i have a baby together. he was dating this girl since i got pregnant, 3mths into it, when we broke up. this past Christmas he came to see his daughter, it was great etc. ended up hooking up and talking about getting back together. he is moving down where we live. a few weeks later he started acting weird. said that we should just not talk anymore, do our own things. a month and a half later he came out again. we hooked up etc. we kept talking again. then 2 days ago he calls me crying and telling me how much he thinks of me and loves me and he didn't know why he walked away etc. but then he tells me why the first time he stopped talking to me was because his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant. he told her that he didn't want to be with her, that the fact he cheated on her with me (his ex and baby mamma) that she deserves better, didn't love her etc. he wants to be with me. but I don't know what to do. im lost, sad, heartbroken.


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  • You guys need counseling before any consideration regarding being together. Your child comes first. Don't put your child in the middle of an emotional hurricane because you guys can't work out your stuff...


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  • Your ex sounds like a player and you should stop talking to her. I mean, he was ever dating the other girl while you were pregnant. What the heck? What makes you think he's being sincere right now?
    I swear, some people enjoy drama in their lives...


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