Should I stop dating?

So Im a virgin! And can be very naughty when feeling comfortable with someone. Also fun I really like to laugh make jokes, also I like to talk seriously and get into an very Interesting conversation! Curvy not very tall, big eyes and full lips! White skin and light brown hair! I study in college and I work whenever I find an opportunity! And I speak 4 languages.

And all the guys I've been dating took me for granted and disappointed me, I never been into a serious relationship so far.
Lately I started going out with someone, he's serious, very educated, he treats like a princess! But I don't really feel attracted to him and to his lifestyle as much as I did to the previous onces who saw me just as a sexual being or nice body.

I don't get what's wrong with my situations! I don't want to hurt him, cause I can tell that he's really into me, and am not really...

Do you think that I should stop this dating thing and meeting new guys? Why all the sexy guys tend to be players?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Elaborate on what makes him not attractive to you

    • He's not good at approaching I'd say! Like when he tries to hug me or kiss mean the cheeks, it's just weird and I just want that awkward moment to end, and he doesn't take care of his look a lot! Like the way he dresses, he told me that he's not good at those fashion things, and he doesn't have a phone cause he doesn't like to spend money on extra unnecessary things!

What Girls Said 2

  • Not all sexy guys are players but around your age range most guys aren't ready to settle into a relationship yet so they play around and date many girls till they'll find the one that makes em stick around and maybe it just wasn't you and its ok cause you'll find a guy thats good for you :)

    Don't break up with the guy give it time its just the start and who knows maybe as time goes on you'll really start liking him and getting attracted to him?
    Letting him go so fast will be a bad idea you could be missing out on a great guy!!!
    Give him more time and if it really bothers you that much see what doesn't attract you maybe talk to him maybe you guys need to spice things up a bit to get your interest

  • guys of your age aren't ready for a serious relationship.


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