Since I am having such a bad time with women and online dating, should I start offering to pay a woman to go on a first date with me 💵💰?

I am in my early 20s and STILL never had a girlfriend. I am really getting agitated.

Should I start using money to entice a girl to go on a first date with me?

Say, like $200?

I feel that if I can just get her to go on one date with me, maybe she will start to like me.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The perfect food takes time to cook. you put your energy and in the end you savour that meal. for microwave meals you pay for them , you might satiate your hunger but you won't enjoy it...
    Date a woman that's perfect for you... never pay a woman to date you its cheap and low. Take your time , learn by communicating what kind of girl is perfect for you and date that perfect woman only. you have plenty of time in life


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What Girls Said 3

  • Whoa dude, no. You will attract the wrong kinds of women by doing that! Your only 22, you still have plenty of time dude. Believe me, this is also the best time to work on yourself and figure out what it is you really want to do in life. We all want to feel loved and wanted by someone, I understand it feels hopeless sometimes... but it is so much more rewarding when that person comes to us for the right reasons at the right time. Try a different approach, be confident, and even more so, be yourself. Think of what you could change (positively) about your approach to women that could benefit the next time you try and talk to one. If a woman dates you only because you dish out money it is not a good sign, it's probably a pity date or she's a potential gold digger... neither will be good for you because they will both cause you more heartbreak in the end.

  • if you use money then man.,,,, that's not gonna be a girlfriend, it's a gold digger.
    by the way you want someone to love you or just to love your money?

  • Only if you want to offend the shit out of her 😑

    • Why is this offensive? I am having a hard time getting women I like to talk to me.

    • I don't doubt you 😑

      Look, it's all about how you talk to them and behave. If you come across as a nervous, needy spaz, then no, women aren't going to like you. But if you're cool and calm, don't seem in a rush to fuck us, and you have interesting or amusing things to say and you make women feel good, then you can get dates.

      Slow down, don't get so wiry.

    • I don't just want to fuck. I want to develop a relationship.

      Plus, I have a hard time finding women who have never had a boyfriend before. They are a rare kind. And I feel like I have to offer money to get a date with her.

What Guys Said 4

  • Naw, you're grasping at straws when the truth is already out there for the taking. Just go to these two sites, read the first one about GAME, and then Rollo about what women are and how they work. Will be a game-changer for you.

    • You are 59. These work for you?

    • A lot of truths there. Some guys just don't get it.
      You really read through those sites? It's not a casual glance.

  • "Men should pay the bill"
    You are already paying for their time, why do you want to spend even more?

  • Don't. It's stupid. You can try it on whatisyourprice. com and notice how stupid it is. Women who take money to date men have no interest in the man and only on the money.

    In fact, if you want a girlfriend experience go with a sugar baby. It's expensive like $1000 a month minimum but you will get the experience.

    My advice is to save your cash for financial independence. Not retirement but financial independence. Save until you are 40 and retire like a king. Women would be hunting you down like a unicorn with that kind of mentality and results.

  • Go to Return of Kings. Com they have articles that can help turn you from bitch to bull


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