Is it reasonable to only not be attracted to someone because of their style?

I have been dating recently and usually if a guy has some deal breaker and I just stop contact with him and start talking to another since we don't click anyways. Well I met this guy (dating app) who is really sweet. He has a good job I find him to be cute and through conversations I've found we have a lot of the same values and interests. We've been going on dates now, 3 total, and although I really do feel things match up (cute, decent money, same goals, respectful, easy to talk to, etc.) for some reason the fact that he has a different style than me turns me off. I won't really go into detail, but basically I am a more relaxed person, wearing what I find to be comfortable and decent looking. He is more cowboy-ish and clean cut. He wears boots and stuff and our styles just do not match at all. He says I'm beautiful and he is very interested in taking things further... but I don't honestly see us going anywhere because of that.

Is it bad for me to base the possibility a relationship on style like this? I know I could meet a guy with my style and is a total prick, but the goal is to meet a guy that has some of what I'm looking for as well as similar style to me... opinions?


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  • Who's to say what's reasonable and what's not


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  • If you don't like how he looks like and don't find him attractive enough, don't get together with him. It would only be embarrassing for the both of you. You can't change anyone's style for your own sake.


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