She's just looking for friends, but has developed feelings for one of these friends?

I have a friend who is using OKCupid to meet new friends in the area because she is new to the city. She meets these new people and lets them know that she just wants to be friends. She is not currently looking for a relationship. She is busy applying to jobs and getting her life more in order. She also just got out of a bad relationship but it was a while ago. But it left her a little less trusting and she does not want to rush into a relationship.
One of the friends she has met, she has developed feelings for and he has expressed his interest in her as well.
What advice do you think I should give her?
So far I told her to continue what she is doing and take things slow and start with a friendship.


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  • Take things slow and start with friendship is good advice. It gives her time to build rapport and trust with him.

    If he does not know she has developed feelings for him, I do want to just bring up some outcomes that I'm not sure if you considered. When one starts with friendship, sometimes one can get friendzoned. Not saying it will happen, just that sometimes it does happen. Also, just because he has interest in her, if all he thinks she wants is friendship, then he may still be on OkCupid looking for other matches and possibly finding a nice girl that he's interested in and dating her before your friend is ready to date. It would be helpful if he also knew she was interested but she wants to take it slow.


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