Am I infatuated/lusting for him because he's the Alpha Male or do I genuinely like him?

So there's this man who works in my company he's the Head of the department! Extremely sexy, intelligent, details and goal oriented, great converser, and knows how to deal with people and put his foot down!

I'm just infatuated with him n I think he knows I'm not sure ! He's a man I'll never get to be with n it's annoying I'm crushing hard over him...

Please give your opinion as it will help me sort my shit out n collect myself.

Hopefully I'll get over it soon...


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  • Why will you never get to be with him?

    • He's married I would never ever in my life go for a married man I don't care how much I like/love him.

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    • Oh OK, makes sense. Well it's ok to fantasise, I'm sure you'll meet others who are like him who aren't married.
      Difficult if you're in work and seeing him everyday. That environment often exentuates feelings of lust.

    • It does n I'm not really lusting on anybody else but him I don't usually do that I'm strong when it comes to separating emotions but he just broke all my rules... I really want to see him as I see the other guys just a good highly skilled colleague but no the more I see of him and have business with him and see and his personality n looks the more I want him more. (Please again acknowledged that I respect his marital life)

  • why are you sure you have no chances with him?

    "genuinely like him" = "lusting for him because he's alpha", there's no difference in a woman's mind.


What Girls Said 1

  • How well do you know him? If you only admire him from afar, then it's probably infatuation.

    • I do business with him and each time we work together my god...

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