What does this mean from a girl and what should I do?

I'll put this into a list so it's easier to understand
- We're both 16 and I like her and she likes me
- We've been messaging for 4 months
- She's made it obvious and asked to go out, be my plus one to a party and come over when I'm home alone
- Out of nowhere a week ago she says "We're just friends" but when I questioned her she got really upset and said she was "crying and shaking" about the situation. She then tells me that she likes me but she's too worried about going out because she doesn't think I'll like her and she doesn't want to face that rejection
- She's since said these things:
- As much as I want to go out with you I can't bring myself to do it as I'm anxious
- It's not going to work
- You wouldn't like me after a month
- You could do a lot better, you're really nice and good looking and then there's me who's average looking at best and a bitch most the time
- I don't usually catch feelings like this
- I'm not good looking and you like me so there's hope for everyone. Actually that's not a good thing due to all the worry and stress it's caused me.
- Maybe something could happen in the future when I can deal by myself without panicking

She's told me she likes me and now she knows that I really like her as I've told her many times now. I don't understand why she doesn't want to go out now just because she's saying it won't end well.
Please reply, it means a lot

She has now said we should wait until after exams (late May/June) Will this happen? She also said "I'll cause you so much stress"


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  • She's afraid you might hurt her, try to make her feel comfortable, by listening to her and making her feel special.


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