How do I tell this person I'm not that interested in her?

I've been talking with this girl for a few weeks and we started talking when she told me that she had a crush on me. We know each other from school and we talked a few times, right now we are in different schools.

She is very sweet and cute and funny and pays A LOT of attention to me. I feel really spoiled and nice but at the same time I feel kind of uncomfortable. She has a complete crush on me and I'm mostly just interested in her and think that she's really nice.

She has told me many times how she thinks that I'm perfect and cute and funny. I told her that I like her and now she thinks that I'm basically in love with her (I know I kinda screwed up). We are meeting each other tomorrow and last time we met was about 6 months ago when we still went to the same school.

How can I tell her that I'm just not that into her? I don't want to hurt her, but I know that I have to put my own feelings first. I'm really sad about the fact that I don't have a crush on her and I don't really even understand why I'm not completely in love with her. I have never had a crush on anyone as a matter of fact but that's just how my mind works.

Also, I'm a 17 year old girl in Finland so I probably have a lot of grammar mistakes :/

She also remembers random outfits I wore like year ago and just talks to me about how good looking I was in them. Things like that also make me very uncomfortable.


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  • first slap her Then you have to make a big scene about how you never want to see her again then run out crying. This always gets me out of tricky situations

    • Okay I will totally do that tomorrow. Thanks a lot anon! :D

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  • Why did you tell her that you like her? -_-
    You should tell her the truth. Tell her that you only like her as a friend and you're not interested in her in any other way.