Is it about time I end this?

I've been casually dating a girl since November of last year. We'd go out about once a week on average and everything was fine until she found out her dog was diagnosed with cancer at the end of January. With that she's been pretty depressed and we've only hung out once since then. She's always been a bad texter but always responded in a decent time when it came to scheduling meet ups. At most a day would go by and I wouldn't hear back from, no big deal as I don't need to hear back often from someone I'm just dating. Now she goes days, almost a week without responding, I find that pretty ridiculous. It bugs me even more because she was supposed to let me know if she was available last weekend even though she warned me she may be busy. We talked about it the week before that though and I had to text her Thursday evening just follow up with her only to not get a response at all. Now I'm annoyed because she was supposed to let me and it got closer to the weekend we planned on forcing we stop ask again only to be ignored. No one is too busy text back a yes or not question, it's not like I was looking for a conversation which requires extended time she says she might not have. Mind you she also agreed to hanging out and even suggested what we should do so I don't feel like I'm being lead on to a certain extent. I completely understand she's going through a rough time which affecting the when she gets back to me. I feel like I'd come off as a dick if I ended things with her simply because she's not available and justifiably so. I enjoy her company and we get along really well so much that I consider her a friend which is the only reason I'm sticking around. So am I overreacting or am I justified to feel the way I do? Should I stick through this because I think of her as a friend or do think she doesn't see me the same and the fling has reached its end?


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