Never dated before, taught that boys were "bad", and friends growing up way faster than I am? What do I do?

In only three more months, I'll be a senior in high school. The problem is that guys aren't interested in me. At all. Nobody has ever asked me out, and I don't have any guy friends at all. (Not even acquaintances!) and they just in general avoid me. i don't even know any guys. But beside that, what's really bothering me is that my three closest friends are all dating guys in college, and now I just feel pressured to, I don't know, grow up?

My mom, who is divorced (and a radical feminist) taught me from a young age that boys were "bad" and that I couldn't ever date, and now it's hurting me in the long run. Like, I feel guilty whenever I talk to a boy, and I feel like I'll be alone forever. And I just feel extremely isolated and lonely at this point. Is this weird? And what should I do? Because I'm a little lost in life right now.


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  • Not at all. I didn't get my first boyfriend or have any guys friends or anything like that when I was your age. It was in college when I started that part of my life. Just concentrate on finishing school and worry about boys later in life. You're still very young and you shouldn't have to worry about things like this just yet.


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  • Baby steps.

    Start relaxing and talking to boys more.

    They're humans. Some are jerks. Some are amazing. Most of them at your age have very high sex drives. That will come down a little with age but not -that- much. Most of them also want love. Not all.

    Anyway start talking. One step at a time.

    Your stress around them is driving them off. Your looks are not an issue.


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