I can't handle Tension with Girl?

I got really infatuated with a coworker.

I asked her out, she didn't give me a clear answer, she had a boyfriend, she seemed to have a fake personality, she seems manipulative.

We stopped talking, but things are really tense.

(We are professional at work)

So I really hated the tension, I told her look, I know things are tense, do you want to talk about them with me?

She said, There is no tension at all, and she has just under stress.

Which was a lie...

I feel so hurt, anxious, around her and she is really uncomfortable around me.

How can I not feel that way?

Builds up in my head so mcuh


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  • just pretend like you're past it, act like nothing happened, and in the future you'll just end up moving on


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