Guys, She's a friend?

i started seeing a man a few months before his mother passed away. When her time was close to the end, I went down to his hometown with him for support, and was there with him, when she passed a few days later. I understand he's grieving, and I'm not into pressuring him for anything. I just want him to know that I'm there for him while he's going through a tough time. He says he doesn't want to commit to anything atm, and I get that. He only refers to me as his friend. I'm wondering if that's all it's ever gonna be. Can someone please give me some perspective?


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  • Yeah. His mom died. Relax. Assuming he is around your posted age, he has known her for about 40 years and all of a sudden she is gone. She won't be at family dinner, she won't be their for Christmas, she won't be there to help him. when he needs her, etc.

    Let him finish soaking all that up, then you can worry about your labels. Right now, if you care about him, support him. and what happens happens.


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