I got a job as an engineer, but I'm dating the intern?

So I've recently gotten with a guy in my last semester of college. I met him earlier on in the school year, and honestly wasn't expecting to date him until he asked me out. Even though he is younger than me by a couple of years, things are going really great so far.

I've accepted a job where he also was offered an internship. He'd work for the same company, but a different location (20 min away). How should my relationship be with him towards the summer? Should I hide that we're dating, or be open about it? I was an intern last summer, and know some returning interns that could be interacting with him.

I would like to be open and still hang out with him and the interns outside of work. What should I do?

*Note: We began talking before he even applied to the company; he just coincidentally got offered a position.


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  • Don't worry about it. In five years, neither of you will be an intern and you may both be engaged.

    The only time you do have to worry is if a superior and subordinate are dating.


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  • I think you should discuss it with him before making any decision.

    • Yes I absolutely agree. I'll talk over it with him.

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  • I'd wait to see if/when he gets hired.
    it might effect his chances of getting hired.
    just wait on it. keep it professional at work. it's ok if they know you're friends but I'd leave it at that without any pda's

    • I wouldn't be public at work, God no. Considering outside with co-workers, but I just need to talk to him and get his input.

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