Would you enter a relationship with a virgin in his early thirties?

Or would it feel too weird being his first? Would it raise too many red flags for him to still be a virgin?

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Bumping. Anyone else?


Most Helpful Girl

  • wow for me that will be amazing and magical just the idea that I'm the first one make me feel magical and you need to know that is nothing wrong with been virgin (^-^)

    • Wow, thanks! So there is hope then?

    • yes of course (^_^) just be and trust yourself

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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't think it would be too weird but I would ask questions though

  • Red flags? No. But honestly I would be curious because it's not weird just rare

  • Nope.

    • Why not? Why aren't us guys allowed to save ourselves for that special someone? Would you rather be just another notch on a bedpost?

  • I gave up corrupting people in my teens.

    • What do you mean by 'corrupting'? After all, just because a guy's a virgin doesn't automatically make him sexually innocent or naive. How can you say that he won't be the one 'corrupting' you? More than fifteen years of incessantly exploring sexual fantasies through one's imagination could easily make the virgin guy's mind more sexually decadent, dirty and perverted than that of the average non-virgin. And if he has the fitness and the stamina to actually do it...

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