Could my ex still like me?

It's been around 9 months since we had broken up but we had been with each other for around 6. I had a class with him and we used to always exchange glances. Whenever I see him anywhere I catch him looking at me and he always looks at me with a look I don't even know how to explain. Like his eyes look widened or something. Anyway recently I apologized to him for my behaviour and we are friends again. We texted a little bit. The other day he started snap chatting me, and gave me his number. I always make sure he's the one to contact me first. anyway, could he possibly like me? He is quite a friendly guy but I don't know. It's not like our relationship had ended horribly. I also just kind of have this feeling that we should get together again and maybe he still kind of likes me that way? Could I just be crazy?


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  • he could like you... but most probably no
    it's been 9 months! he must've got over it by now


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