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Ok so there's this guy and he's shy but seems confident. So he approached me first and then a few times after tht I have spoken to him we don't talk bt personal stuff it's mostly college lol it ends up being dead the convo. Well he has shown signs like he smiles and I was in the library and I was with my friends and he came in saw me and then went out and came in nut from the other side where I was sat he went past me two times. One time was 2 weeks ago
When I was there my friend told me he was looking at me. Glances. He also went pastmy class coz he came to drop his friend of to class and he stood there and looked at me for ages before smiling and then walked of. So I spoke to him once after college and his friends left us alone and it was just me and him so we spoke to each other and this time he tried to initiate the convo although it was still about college. So then we had holidays and then this week I haven't seen him much. Saw him the first day back and I went past I smiled at him he smiled back right. So then the same day I went to the bus stop I was with my friend and he went past and he looked down and he didn't look at me although I was looking at him. So I don't get why he looks down and another question is I was talking to my guy friend and all my friends were with me and he went past and he looked down he was with mates but he looked down what does that mean? I don't know we don't know each other that we'll but I asked one of my guy friends ti ask him what he thought of Me he said she's alright. So those questions can u answer them and do u think he likes me? Why does he ignore me sometimes? And why did he look down on those occasions?


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  • So I was like this with my now girlfriend who is my neighbor... I'm confident in every area except for women. One day she just left a note on my door that said "we should get coffee text me #". This being said I think he likes you, or at least attractive and intriguing, but is nervous about looking like a creep, fool, idiot, etc if he approaches you and butchers his wording when attempting to ask you out.

    • We don't talk as much but he seems shy like he's confident with friends but when he talks to me he's nervous he won't look at me until I speak. last time he walked out library I stood there ans he walked past and he knew I was there and then I turned the other way and my mate said he was looking at u he walked and turned and look for a minute and then went.

  • He isn't shy you're the one fucking up. He's done all he can to talk to you or get your attention and all you do is look at him like a cretin with your thumb up your ass. It's going to take some initiative on your part and so far you've done nothing

    • No he only approached me once I have been approaching him so how have I done nothing? Why does he look down and nt talk until I say something?

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    • Wow he's shy he looks down sometimes when he walks past me we need to know each other first we don't know each other that we'll

    • That's how you get to know someone is dating

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