haven't heard from long distand girlfriend in a week?

so in mid January I (26) visited my long distance girlfriend (21) for the first time after talking with her on and off for about 3 years. We had an amazing 10 days together. I've been back for a little over a month now and the texting was great at first but it came to a screeching halt last week. i had told her about how i got a new job and she said how she was proud of me with a bunch of heart emojis and that was that. the next couple of days i didn't send her a message and neither did she. Today marks a week. throughout the week I've seen her hanging out with her friends as she post on snapchat. i sent her a message on whatsapp yesterday since we mainly use that to chat and she hasn't opened the message yet even though she's been using her phone to snap. i dont want to seem like a crazy needy guy but i was fine with it up until day 4. i dont know guys should i just cut my loses? I really like her but it feels like i take the relationship more seriously than she does. Maybe its over? thanks in adv


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  • A week isn't a long time for me, giving a little space is good I think. Your young don't obsess over one person.

    • yeah maybe its not as long as a time for her. Im sitting at home focusing on freelance work, staring at a screen all day while she's going to her part time job hanging out with tons of her friend just about everyday. maybe what seems long and agonising to me barely seems like anytime at all to her.

    • Yes. You should add things to your schedule it will make things a lot easier for you to handle.

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  • Chill. Just chill. Take it from someone who overreacts way too much (and who's girlfriend puts up with it, amazingly) - who knows what she's thinking? Give her a bit of time and space. Let her do "her" thing. She'll be back. I promise.

    • i guess your right. she's done this type of thing before but never 7 days :( i guess i just thought it was kind of long

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    • yeah your right. thanks man appreciate it.

    • No problem. Good luck! =^.^=

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  • for my opinion, if i want a space to think or for myself, i should have told the other person, not just living them hanging and guessing, coz i dont want it to happen to me too or the other person will do it towards me. its about being considerate for the feelings of other person and the fact that you have relationship.

    just call her๐Ÿ˜Š


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  • Nah, she's done dude. She came to visit to to see if she has feelings for you and she doesn't.

    Don't have long distant relationships. They are pointless and stupid. Don't waste your life doing that crap.

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