What's his deal?

I've known this guy most of my life. Sure I thought he was cute but I never really thought we could be anything more than just friends ! Until he started to show that he was interested and even then I wasn't all that crazy about him... then I don't know what changed... months later I started to like him back ! We haven't exactly said we liked one another but he tends to single me out whenever he were out somewhere as a group and he constant sends me random snaps ! I flirt with him to make it obvious I like him too !

Anyways, my problem is that he's great at talking in person (he listens, asks questions.. seems interested.. talks last hours ) but on sc or text I kinda feel like he's not interested in me... he mostly sends me snaps ! So I can't understand why bother if he doesn't really want to talk. Even if I really try to be flirty in some snaps.. sometimes he won't reply ! We went out before and he's ask to hang out randomly.. ( I couldn't for work:reasons I explained) so he does show he's Interested just not in text ! I would assume he sucks at texting but if a guy liked a girl wouldn't he put in more of an effort?


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  • trying talking on the phone rather than texting maybe?


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