Important question about love?

I have a question, what would guys rather? A hot girl? Or a cute girl?
do all guys cheat on their loved ones? Why do they only want the hot girls..
i am told I'm cute, but I'm fat.. I'm overweight.. I am 5ft short... pale and weigh 155. Will I ever find anyone? If I do will they cheat on me? Since I'm ugly?


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  • Hot (but most guys have no chances at getting the women of their dreams, so the cute ones are in high demand as well);

    Everybody gets bored with their partner before or later: it's a matter of time before they move on to a new story (or keep the first one and cheat)
    This happens with beauties and uglies alike, no difference, uglies aren't cheated on more.

    Finding someone is about behavior than beauty. You can surely find someone.

    • Actually. . . whilst it is true that feelings will stagnate after time, it's been proven that you can reignite attraction towards your partner. That's how happy couples stay happy, by keeping the romance going and recommitting themselves to each other.

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    • That question was addressed to anonymous!

    • Oh okay!! :)

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  • I prefer cute girls, personally.
    But men don't cheat because of looks, it's a complicated psychology, but men cheat because they are looking for something more that they don't get in a relationship.
    Sometimes, it's because they are selfish and just want to have more sex, more women. Othertimes, they want more emotional support and attention. It's a complicated situation, not something that can be explained by "I just think she's ugly". Not unless your partner is some kind of sociopath. . .

  • Cute, not all cheat, most dont. Yes you will find someone, but you have to be happy with yourself first. Not if he loves you

  • if im in love, the girl i love will be both to me

    • That's good, I'm very insecure and I feel like I have to look like a hot girl with big boobs who are tall to get a boyfriends

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