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  • I was on a school bus. I was in 7th grade, he was in 8th. We were cuddling and he kissed me out of no where.

  • Once upon a time...
    The end.

  • Mine one is fucking embarrassing and it was accidental.
    You see my twin.. who is a guy has really hot friends, but i had my eyes out for the blonde one. I always stay in my room whenever he brings friends home because well.. obvisouly theyre boys and why the heck should i butt in? His friends haven't even took a look at me properly because i always hide. Anyway, one night he brought them again and they were playing vidoe games, our parents were not home. So, i wear a cute dress and wanted to show myself off to them and even wore heels. I went down the stairs with my eyes attached to my phone while walking down the stairs.. suddenly i well tripped on my own leg and fell on top of that blondie who was coming up the stairs. And out lips touched! I heard the boys in the background making monkey noises and getting all excited while i just stood there shocked trying to process what kind of a position im in. Once i realized i pulled away and run out the door to my besties house.


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