How come many women claim not to support the 1-10 looks scale, yet seem to use a similar basic scale when evaluating men?

Women just seem to use more analog "notches" to determine who's acceptable and coach their scale in different words (Hot, Cute, Maybe, No way, Kill him!) etc. They also cut out more male suitors all at once with this type of filter too. It's still a scale nonetheless. Take the same male that a woman declares as "hot" and ask another male to rate him on 1-10 usually the scale is corresponds with a high rating. (men must rate their competitors)

A man can evaluate both women and other men with a 1-10 scale and pretty much peg a rating that coincides with other male's observations.

So why so much resistance to the 1-10 scale?


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  • You learn real young... that you can't win a fight with a women, you are wrong no matter what you do. They will use the scale but claim to not support it... and there is nothing we can do --> women these days huh... tsk tsk


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