Is a guy suppose to tell a girl if it's exclusive, reason I ask is cause I've seen questions saying that if a guy doesn't say so, then it's not?

Like my question title states, I've seen a couple questions like this and I'm just curious if you are suppose to tell the girl if it's exclusive, when you are dating for a month already? Reason I ask is because the last question i saw, the female said she told him it was exclusive but that he didn't say outright that it was exclusive which didn't confirm it because he didn't say it himself, so it was about her asking if it was okay to go on a date with another guy, the poll results showed that guys said no and the majority of girls said going on a date was fine with another dude, this made me nervous, even if a girl says it's exclusive is a guy suppose to repeat it or say it is exclusive himself or say that we are boyfriend and girlfriend and not seeing anybody else, I'm kind of confused about this whole thing, dating seems to get more and more complicated, so what's the deal here, is a relationship considered open until you state its exclusive cause I thought it was considered exclusive immediately, thoughts?


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  • well no its not like one of them waves a checkered flag and its all systems go.

    the two of them decide together if its exclusive.

    if she or he is ready to be exclusive, they use their adult words and day so. if the other person is on board, then they agree and they are exclusive. technically until you actually establish mutually that you want to be exclusive, you are not.

    some people just feel it and that works for them but , in my opinion its best to never assume.

    in the case of that guy, his problem is he assumed she was on the dame page. but same thing can happen regardless of your sex.

    some people only date one person at a time. others date casually. thats why its good to communicate. but this shouldn't be a problem. i you can dater a person you should be able to talk them :)

  • I've found that everybody is different on this I've dated a guy who I was exclusive with just to find he was still seeing other women, because we never had the talk, other guys have been exclusive physically, but still talking and exchanging numbers with others. I can't follow it so never assume anything and eventually have to get round to having the talk


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  • This is this "generation" problem. So yes now in day's you should say weather or not you want to be exclusive or not just to be safe.


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