Do some guys test girls morals by seeing if they'll agree to something Sexual too fast?

on a dating app, so I know it is possible this guy is just playing games. He said he was going to bed and I said good night. He then said "come join me" and I responded with "not my style" and he says "good deal :)"

I don't know what that could mean. Maybe blowing me off or was it a test to see what I'd say. Got me wondering if guys do that to see which girls are easy and not.


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  • He was probably serious but then impressed when you said that to be honest. Guys want a good girl who will only be bad for them


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  • He's just trying to see how soon he can get sex out of you and then playing along when you say no.


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  • Yes, some guys do test girls.

  • Can't say.

    Just wait and see if he hits you up.

    That's more accurate

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