What makes a guy act like this?

Basically met a cute guy through a weekend retreat for my company. (He works at a different branch so we had never met before). Anyways we both were attracted to each other and ended up hooking up one night at the end of the retreat. I didn't really regret it or hold any expectations (I was trying to get over a previous breakup still). Fast forward 6 month later and we've texted 3 or 4 times just to chat and say hello. He tells me he'll be in my city, so I suggest we have dinner, and we do. We had a nice dinner and parted ways again saying we'd keep in touch. He mentioned he might relocate to my city (I don't mean to sound careless but I wasn't excited because I didn't have any expectations for us). Another 6 months later and we've barely spoken. He texts me out of the blue and says in a very apologetic tone that he's so sorry he won't be making the relocation move anymore BC he was promoted. I was confused as to why he was telling me and said congratulations, and somehow I think he took that as sarcasm on my end. I'm so confused as to this guy's behavior and wanted ideas about why he wanted me to be upset? Also did some light FB stalking and it turns out he has a long-term girlfriend whom he'd been on a break from during the time we hooked up. Yikes!


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  • I suggest calling him. Text is to easy to get mixed signals with. If he was just using you as a fling than he is missing stuff in his relationship with his girlfreind.

    • Hmm I might reach out, but I don't think so since he's back with her. She's not very attractive but perhaps he likes her for her personality? W/e

    • He probably is dating her cause he has emotional needs that she meets. You meet more sexual needs.

    • Yikes, I dont find that comforting at all, since I know looks and passion fades. It's the emotional connection that counts tbh

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