My friend and Got intimate and now I'm not sure what to do?

I went over my friends house the other day we've been trying to meet up for a month and Tuesday night was perfect so I went over his house. and we haven't seen each other in years and I was a bit nervous for some reason. I wasn't really talking to him either. He tried to make conversation with me and I was giving him one word answers. And he said "why did you come all the way over here not to talk to me or not do anything"
He asked me did I want to listen to music I said sure he asked me did I want to watch a movie I said "doesn't matter" he then asked me to cuddle and I said "no" and he got off the bed walked over to me and said "were gonna cuddle" he moved my body on the bed and we cuddled and he wrapped his arms around me and a few minutes later he kissed my neck a few times and put his arms on my tummy pulled my pants down and it was like I went blank...
I was shocked and wanted him to do it as well and I put my leg over his and we spooned half naked it was my first time being a little naked with him so I was nervous and didn't know what to do so I rubbed his private, put my hands on top of his and put my leg over his and I also rubbed his arms.
Yesterday I called him so we could talk about what happened. He asked did I like it and I said a little bit. And I admitted to him I was nervous. He said "idk why I tried to relax you I asked did you wanna see a movie," I asked did you wanna listen to music. He said I even asked you to cuddle and you said no and he said you know you really wanted to cuddle with me "
I said I was just nervous and he asked me "if you weren't nervous would you have finished what we started and I said yeah. I told him I wanted to try again though and this time I wanted me to be completely relaxed
Tl:dr; I don't know how we go to that point and I don't really regret it but I Have never been a fan of friends with benefits now I think I got feelings over something this small. Is this normal for friends to do? Or?


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  • he is a normal guy that wants to have sex with you, that may progress to a relationship. you have gave him all the signals you want sex with him. enjoy yourself with proper protection


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