I have a question for you guys and girls too if you might know?

OK when I went out on my first date with this guy we had a good long kiss, and we did that more then once that night. but my question is his kissing was weird, not sure if he was nervous or what. but his kiss was big, I mean like he is sucking my face lol. He don't have a big mouth so why did he have to open it so wide? It was still good though. just wondering


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  • maybe he was nervous or he really needed a new girl and just tried to satisfy himself so much as he could forget the last one,or the previous one was a cheater and he felt like he is taking revenge like ayy yeah this was our kiss but now I'm more than willing to share it with someone else.anything out of the ordinary must have a reason behind it,or maybe he just don't have sexual culture.

  • ummm maybe you are the first girl he kissed in a long time or possible ever. Ask him if he would like to give you kissing lessons but try to find a way to ask in a way that would not embarrass him or offend him.

    • He told me he hasn't been with a women in a very long time. and that true cause it took no problem to get him off, he was embarrassed by that. not sure why I wish he told me when he was going to blow lol.

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    • Whats your question?

    • Well I am new in the area I live in and am single. I hate being single. I want to know how I can meet nice girls and start dating again and even get into a relationship. I tried letting them come to me and not worrying about it, but that does not seem to work. I started riding bike and doing things I like, could that possible keep me occupied and attract women during the time?

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