Why did he block me?

I met this guy about a yr ago. He is a lot younger then me but seemed very mature. We became fb friends. He was in a 3 yr relationship. I respected that although there was some flirtation between us. He asked me to hangout on multiple occasions but I declined. A couple of months ago it turned into feelings. So I told him that we needed to take a break from talking. Within a couple of weeks me messaged me to tell me he'd broken up with girlfriend and he was moving closer to me. I helped him look for an apartment. He asked me to come over almost every day but not wanting to be the rebound girl I would say not yet. We went out for drinks once. He made it clear he was interested in pursuing something with me. Three days ago he said he wanted to stop by. I say okay. Because my father recently passed my mother has been staying with me. He met my mom, he volunteered to mow the yard and help with guy stuff around the house. He met my daughter. When he left I walked him outside and was talking to him and midsentence he grabs me and kissses me. A long kiss. He was holding my face and stroking my back. Then he left. For 2 days he was really quiet. Not messaging me as much as usual. Taking a while to respond when I message him. Told me work was busy. Last night we had plans. We were going to my favorite bar so he could meet my friends. I was supposed to message him when I left the house and he said, 'I'm not going. My friend is coming over to visit. I just want to drink a beer with him and vent.' I was a little irritated but I said okay if you change your mind you know where I'll be. He said I just need to get over Nikki. I said to him, I told you we could hang out and be friends with no pressure. I meant that. And he said I'm sorry. Are you mad? I said, I'm good. There will be other nights. Later on in the night I went to message him to say goodnight and he had blocked me. Completely blocked me on fb. Why did he block me? Help me understand.


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  • I feel like you were still his rebound even though you said no to hanging out. He wasn't over this girl, he jumped on meeting the friends and family too soon, probably felt pressure caused by himself, he got too into it, it was scary or too much responsibility and he did what most immature people would do, block instead of explaining. If that makes sense?

    • I value his friendship more then anything. And I've always told him that. He has been there for me and I've been there for him. I've always tried to keep anything from happening between us. The other night when he came over he asked me to go see his new apartment and I declined because I knew what would happen once we were alone. I've tried to protect his feelings and our friendship. I didn't want him to feel confusion our guilt. And the night he kissed me he messaged me after and told me I was a goddess and my kisses were very passionate and he felt something. Then the next day, he was just different. I don't know why he would make a move and with no pressure from me feel that he would hand to block me. Its not like I was begging him to date me or anything. I care for him and would never want to hurt him. I'm just confused.

  • People always block you for a reason even if it leaves you totally confused and dumbfounded as to why.

    People either block because they dislike you , or they are trying to move on from you. Either way they don't want you in their life anymore. They aren't usually confident enough to give you a reason , so they block you without an explanation. It shows they have no respect for you, and no regard for your feelings

    Some people block in the heat of the moment, if they feel angry, upset or hurt. So they make a hasty decision by blocking you , but later come to regret it when they've calmed down, and are less upset

    I'd just move on from him. It's pointless holding onto a guy who has let you go . You may never find out why, all you can do is second guess why, but that'll just leavesl you with more questions.

    • I value his friendship. I don't care if we ever become more then friends. I never wanted him to feel confused or hurt by me. That's why I always told him I couldn't hang out with him when he had a girlfriend. Its not about the romantic feelings for me. Even though I felt them. We were close friends above anything. Or so I thought.

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