My ex asked me if we could happen again.. what should I say?

I was his first girlfriend last year he's never done relationships.. after three months he's told me he couldn't do committed relationship. He didn't cheat or anything he just couldn't do relationships, he tried. After the break up it was hard to not be friends with him cause we're in the same group of friends. After the break up we became closer... mainly cause i still had strong feelings for him. We had a "thing" going on for awhile. If we ended up hanging out.. just us two we ended up kissing, making out, etc. My feelings for him didn't go away no matter how much i tried. I love him sincerely. Every guy i met who wanted to date me i rejected cause i just didn't like them back. I wanted my ex. After a long journey of feeling confused about my feelings, n why i was putting up with an ex who didn't deserve me... it finally happened. Last night he asked me the question. The only problem is I don't know if my feelings for him is as strong as it used to be. By dating him again i might let down a lotttttt of people cause they know he doesn't deserve me and that I could do better. how do i decide whether to date him again or not? What type of question should I ask him to find out if he's being sincere or not? Cause I feel like he just asked me out again after hearing from so many people that he fucked up by breaking up with me cause I'm pretty and I have such a good personality and so many guys want to date me.


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