How to accept dating is not for me?

Hi I'm 23,

So I've given up on dating, girls and sex.

Girls, they all seem the same, they love attention, leading guys on, cheating and are often very naive... The smart girls are just too good for me and I'm just stuck in the middle.

Whatever the reason, Girls and I just won't be in a relationship or have sex. Attractiveness, personality? I can't change who I am, and that does mean I am unable to get a girl.

I've tried being myself, confident, and various places, dating sites, clubs, bars, classes, bank line ups, supermarkets...

I am an independent shy guy, I would love to treat a girl like my queen and have sex don't get me wrong.

I guess some people in this world are not meant to have sex or be in a relationship, like me, maybe I just have bad DNA.

I haven't had sex or had a girlfriend before.

Sick and tired of hearing just wait, it will happen when it's meant to, you will find a girl who deserves you... It's all a lie, you have to go fight and try... But it's a losing battle for me.

So is this correct? Some people are meant to stay single?

How to give it up?


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  • You're 23, and you're giving up already? Okay. There is a problem.

    Getting a partner is harder for some people than others, but what you're saying makes it sound like you really want one—and girls can sense that a mile away. I will be very genuine with you: that intense desire is off-putting. You don't genuinely sound confident. You sound like you fake it for women's sake. And women can tell.

    I'm not saying its wrong to want a relationship... but if a notice a guy is too eager to get to know me/too "nice", I feel like he's going to be too much work.

    Attraction might be an issue, I don't know what you look like. But you're only 23 years old. I think there's a bigger problem if you're giving up this early...

    • That's how I am, I do want a relationship.

      I want to be myself... Myself is a bit insecure, shy, nervous and a little emotional.

      That is a huge turn off for girls... That a guy actually cares about them?

      So I have to not care about a girl at all, chase other girls while I am with her, destroy her self esteem so she will stay with me, drive her crazy... Just to generate attraction?

      Because that is what girls are attracted to... Asks how her day is and she loses attraction... Don't give her attention and now she chases you.

      It's all so stupid... I am not that type of guy, I can play stupid games but I want to be myself...

      I want to be caring, I don't want to hide my emotions, I want to be honest...

      But like you said, that's a turn off for girls... So what can I really do?

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    • I'm stuck in my city with my family

    • I hate struggling, and there's no girl out there for me

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