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Well this is stemming to a question I had a little while ago. This referring to this girl that I am attracted to, but going after her friend (at the time she had a boyfriend). I really like the other girl, but since she was off limits I didn't bother. She used to ask me to hang around them, but acts like I don't really exist right now. I do go up to her and talk to her, but there isn't much to talk about. I just feel nervous around her and don't know what to ask in fear that I might ask a stupid question or go too much into her business. I just want to ask her to at least lunch, just trying to figure out if I should. It seems like she is super close with this other guy, but I don't know exactly what's going on with them. Looking for advice.

P. S. In addition, have you guys ever asked a girl out you felt that all the odds were stacked against you and it end up working out?


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  • Look for signs to see if she is interested


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