How to make our trust better?

My boyfriend and I had a really good relationship- until his ultimate crush called him and he basically texted her that if she would promise to be with him, he would be with her. I went through his phone messages being mosey and saw it. I never had trust issues before. Somehow, we got over it but I never fully trusted him. He never tells me his exes contact him which is understandable I guess he doesn't really respond. I know he loves and wants a family with me. But recently, we were supposed to go and meet an ex of his for money she owed him. I didn't understand why she couldn't mail it but whatever. Skip to a week later and I find a feminine product in my bfs car that's not mine. I question him about it and he blows up at me, tells me to shut up. Later he admits that a week before, he already went to go get the cash from her. She lives 3 hours away! If I could have no idea what he does and see him every day (we live together) then what is sacred? Does he trust me to tell me things? And how can I trust him? From a guys perspective, should I just end things before they get too messy or push to trust eachother more?


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  • I would have left a loooooong time ago


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