Does she want to go out, or is she just trying to push it off?

So this girl that I've liked for a little while clearly caught on and decided to ask me if I liked her. I told her more or less that I did, but had kind of ended up dropping it a little bit because she ended up being busy the few times I tried to hang out with her (not really as dates). So she ended up telling me that she's been really busy lately, and doesn't want to seem like she's making an excuse, but really likes me too and wants to see where things might go. After that we exchanged a few more texts, and I said that if she finds a day she's not busy soon, then to let me know if she'd like to go out. She never really explicitly responded to that text, and it kind of makes me reinterpret her original response as to whether or not she was just saying she was interested and actually wants to make any action as far as going out. Any interpretation you guys have?


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  • I'm thinking she doesn't want to go out with you but doesn't want to be mean and say no. So take a hint...

    Sorry :(


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