How easy is it to get a date?

It's becoming time in my life when I need to start seeing women. I have been single my whole life, haven't really run into many girls that I was interested in dating, but I figure it's past time to start!

Now I've never been popular with girls. Maybe I've been too out of shape, too quiet, maybe my teeth aren't straight enough, I don't know... I have never been good at attracting women. But what can an average guy expect when it comes to asking women on a date? I am going to aim high, I have all the reason to, but I'm sure not all interactions will go well. I have a horrible track record on apps like Tinder. I have gotten practically zero likes and honestly I am very confused by this. I'm a relatively young and successful guy. I am not beaten down or hurting in life by any means.

I don't know, I just don't know what to expect. Should it be hard to get dates when putting forth the effort? How can I effectively present myself despite my shortcomings? Thanks!
Also, just to add, I am doing what I can about getting in shape. I have made huge advances in weight and strength training over the last few months and am trying to cut down to a leaner figure as well.

I have made improvements in terms of being more active and improving appearance.


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  • sexy manly body language , appearance, manners and attitude is important to me


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  • I wouldn't suggest aiming high until you are comfortable with it. Aim for the lower girls first to build your confidence up before trying for the top tier girls, the majority of whom will not give you the time of day.

    Remember that it's a pure numbers game, the more you interact with at once the higher your chances of scoring and MORE IMPORTANTLY, the less you'll care about individual girls (rejections). That's the key to sustainable dating as an average guy.

    • I am comfortable talking to most people, given that they are comfortable talking to me. I don't want to waste my time on girls I'm not attracted to.

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