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I don't know wth is wrong with my boyfriend, I've been busy with school and im trying to finish my credits for high school. because I'm doing co-op i dont have time to talk and he is well aware of what I'm doing. when I talk to him he starts talking to his friends and when I give him time he chooses to be with his friends. what's his deal I don't understand im trying to give him time and when I do he just wants to be with his friends that he says "dont blame me cuz you're the one who didn't talk", than he acts up and goes walks into the forest and starts posting what he's doing online to get my attention. I've asked him a million times and he says i dont care about him I can do what ever i want as I am knowing im busy with school. is he jealous im out trying to make a career or is he just wanted my time 24/7 cuz i can't be with him 24/7 i have things to do.. do u understand this?

thank you.


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  • I think you're too busy for a boyfriend right now. Finish your school and then get into a relationship. You're both miserable


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