My fiancé & I see eachother almost every single day!! How often should couples text if they see eachother almost everyday?

My fiancé & I see eachother almost everyday. Like this week for instance, we saw eachother Tuesday through Friday & I was supposed to see him today but he stopped texting me at like 4:55 PM today ! I've been patiently waiting for him to text me back but it's been almost 5 hours ugh! I admit that I am super clingy & im trying to stop that but it's hard bc I love talking to him & it doesn't feel right when he goes more than a couple of hours not texting me :( how do I stop being so dang on clingy? I used to be the one who wasn't clingy at all & HE was the clingy as heck one, now the roles have switched! How do I stop being the clingy one? & again how often should couples text who see eachother all the time? Thanks


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What Guys Said 1

  • if you both feel free to text, no problem with it

    • How do I stop being so freaking clingy? Lol

    • no its fine. don't worry about it. just let it go

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  • Before me and my fiancé lived together we texted daily and saw each other daily once we started dating. You can text as much as you both want

  • I think seeing and talking to one another is common.

    • No I'm asking how often should we text? Like I feel like I am too clingy lol. He even told me that he wasn't texting as much yesterday bc he thought I wouldn't mind him not texting much bc we see eachother everyday but i still want texts from him.

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