Do guys want serious relationships with girls who have a lot of attitude?

a guy told me this and I don't know if he was implying that he wants a girl like that for a serious relationship or for sex. What do you think?


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  • Depends on what "attitude" means.

    If "attitude" means being witty, challenging, and direct, then... well, fuck yeah, they do. At least the boys who are themselves dynamic, vibrant, sexy, and just WORTH IT in general. They get bored with anything less, just as we do.

    On the other hand, if "attitude" means being a spoiled diva, then... nh that's not a good thing (except in the whole bimbo roleplay thing, in which case it can be hot af).
    In general, tho, this kind of attitude -- regardless of whether it's coming from a guy, or from a woman -- is a mirror of how the person has been treated thus far. People who aren't challenged enough, or who haven't known responsibility or discipline, are the ones who'll end up with the spoiled diva vibe. And so, if they're with a partner who knows how to get them to "fall into line", as it were... it can be "cured".

  • My boyfriend hates my attitude lmfao


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