What is our relationship?

Okay... me and this guy have a long history. He was my first love, kiss, and boyfriend.
Freshman year, he moved, but he still lives in the same town.
Now we are seniors, and we always have been really close with each other... as friends. We play video games together and talk about our lives at our schools.
Then one day, we just made out. Since then, it's been the same, but when we are alone we just start going further then making out.
I asked him what our relationship is, and he said this: "It is two people who have an attraction to each other, and I hope it stays like that for a long time."
I been in love with him for 5 years... and he never tells me anything about his feelings. The only thing he has ever told me is that I'm his anchor for everything and that he deeply cares for me...
im so confused.
Is this lust or love?


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  • I'd say in this situation he definitely has some feelings for you and if you feel the same way about him I think you should definitely tell him how you feel about you him.

    I think that your connection can be molded into whatever you want to make of it.

    have you ever taken him out on a date or had some deep conversations with him?


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  • You have to make him feel secure when he talks to you about his feelings and thoughts. Only then you can truly know what he wants! But if he doesn't nudge then his hiding the fact that he sees you as friends with benefits..


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  • Rather than asking us u can ask him! Talk with him! Fight with him!


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