Long Distance relationship, What is it for u?

how will describe a long distance relationship for u.. difficult.. why?
easy.. why?
magical.. why? do give a supporting comment for ur answer.. what ever u say.


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  • I'm in one with my boyfriend right now. It's very difficult. He's 6000+ km away from me but we're managing really well and hopefully it won't be for much longer. It takes effort on both sides for it to be able to work and you have to genuinely love the person.

    • nice.. one.. nd effort on both sides. yes... tats the key.. I wish my ex should have read ur thoughts... Best of luck to u

    • Thank you! I'm sorry to hear you broke up with your ex, hope you're doing ok!

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  • long distance relationship.
    trust me this is not for everyone.
    and it broken me too much that í don't want to fall in love again.
    yes it work but it really not for everyone. you really don't know which Type of person. you are within relationship.

    • same here.. I THINK ITS THE REAL TEST OF LOVE.

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    • best of luck to u too man.. I never knew.. u r gr8... keep it up man.

    • message me if you need or want my suggestions or view on it.
      hope í get your more post...
      ur r g8 to...
      thank you so much...

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What Girls Said 2

  • Long- distance relationships are too challenging and too difficult to maintain. Eventually trust issues develop and insecurities surface.

    I could never enter into a LDR, I'm too affectionate , i Iove giving and receiving affection. All you have in a LDR is texts, phone calls and video calls. That's not enough to maintain a healthy relationship

    The ultimate goal of a LDR is to eventually close the distance. So one person has to make the ultimate sacrifice by uprooting to live with or near the other person. That's too high of a price to pay if it fails. I'd never give up everything for anyone.. let alone a guy I chat to online

    I could never fall In love online, because I need to know a person on a deeper level before I fall in love. You can't know a persons true character until you see how they are in real life situations and circumstances. If you can't meet up regualry then it's pointless calling it a relationship.

    LDR are on the rise , but I'd rather be on my own than settle for a guy who I can't spend quality time with in real life. I'd rather hold onto my heart for a guy I can hold in my arms.

  • Nope.
    Trust issues & I want someone who is in the same area.
    LDR is filled with sad, hopeless, painful lies.


What Guys Said 2

  • I am in a LDR.
    It is rather easy, really. Better than "local relationships".
    I see my girlfriend every 3 weeks approximately (thanks to ryanair I pay only 20€ per flight) for 1 week everytime.
    It is possible to avoid closing in the relationships and to keep your own spaces. And that's great. I live it in a good way, at least.
    I am not a jealous guy, so I have not trust issues.
    Another good thing is that it is harder for a ldr that habit ruins it.

    I've been into it for 7 months now.

  • pointless.

    LDR indicates that the person has something wrong that real people do not fit with them.

    • like, whats the point of LDR when you have hundreds of girls near you physically?

    • what if... one should go through it due to his/her job or career.

    • still pointless.

      job is for 8 hours a day and 5 to 6 days a week.

      it still leaves you with adequate time left for relationships

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