Should I give him another chance?

A few weeks ago I was seeing this guy, we weren't official but we'd been going on dates for about 2 months. He stopped putting effort in and was getting with other girls even though he knew it upset me so I called it off.
These past few weeks he's been ringing me and texting me constantly asking to talk but I've ignored him. Then one day he left me a load of voicemails saying he missed me, and he didn't know what he wanted but the minute I cut it off he realised he wanted me and that he liked me. He started texting all my friends asking them to get me to speak to him. He's promised to put more effort in this time but I don't know whether to believe him. I do like him but I don't want to get hurt again.
Should I agree to meet up with him to talk about it or will he never change?


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  • You should talk to him bout it but don't let your guard down. This happens a lot. People dating but decide to hook up with other people then wanna run back to the first people they were with. You should be careful, he could be playing you. Usually when people are dating, in a way that does mean you're official without really saying.

    • As the saying goes: Once a cheater, always a cheater.
      Point is, did things progress between you two? I mean, if tthere's been no progress for a while, and it's not official in any way, it's understandable to date others. But you made it sound like you were progressing the relationship at a steady pace, in which case he's a cheater and anybody who knows him should be notified, regardless of how obvious, of that fact.

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  • Give it a shot. Talking it out can't hurt.


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  • No, don't fall for it. Your not stupid.

  • Here's another case of a female expecting a guy to read her mind. If you wanted to be exclusive with him, you should've said something so he knows not to worry about other girls. For some reason, women seem to think that guys always have to make the first move and do all the talking. If you like him like that, tell him!

    • After he got with someone the first time, he promised to me he wouldn't do it again... so I took that as him saying we were exclusive.

    • stop beating around the bush. if you want to be exclusive, use your big girl communication skills and say it point blank.. stop saying things in hopes that hell take it a certain way and understand what you meant

  • no!! A guy who does the shit will always tends to do it


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