What are signs my Taurus boyfriend is in love with me?

PS he tells me he loves me


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  • He always gives it his all in rain, sleet, or snow at nearly 27 mpg. Always in Torque Vectoring and
    Curve Control. His Personal Safety System and Passive Anti-Theft System protect you and only you


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  • Why did you mention tat he's Taurus?
    I'm not that superstitious so I don't know
    by the way @pac-man are you her bf? You're Taurus too bb

  • It has nothing to do with zodiac signs. The signs a guy is in love with you are:
    1. You know he cares about you
    2. He asks how you are doing and how your day is and actually listens
    3. He respects you
    4. He misses you
    5. He texts you random pointless things
    6. He says things remind you of him
    7. He changes his plans for you
    8. He has the look
    9. He compliments you a lot
    10. He touches you in random spots, not sexually

    If you need emphasis or more details or an example on some of those things let me know.


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